Spoken Word Bio

Jacq Brass falls somewhere between that feminist poet you saw on that YouTube video one time and that stand-up comedian that you guess is sort of funny. Jacq works to combine stories about fucking over the patriarchy and sexuality through spoken word poetry.

Hailing from Yellowknife, NT, they started performing spoken word in 2011. Jacq has been published in the Yellowknife poetry zine entitled Laid Muskrat, two Canadian poetry anthologies and has self-published three poetry chapbooks. They have competed three times at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam, and have been a featured poet at a number of slams across Canada.

Jacq has been a featured performer three times at Northwords NWT, the Northwest Territories’ literary festival and performed at the Ko’ Ke Storytelling Festival with the Northern Arts & Cultural Centre in Yellowknife. Jacq was also honoured to be selected as an Ensemble Poet for the first ever Saskatoon Poetic Arts Festival in 2017.

Often described as “scarily militant” and “too angry”, Jacq takes pride in not censoring themself while sharing stories about where they come from, who they meet and how they resist.