Presenter Bio

Born and raised in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Jacq Brasseur gained their skills and knowledge through a combination of academia, lived experiences, their relationships and through using social media. Jacq has spoken at numerous events and conferences around Canada touching on feminism, identity, queerness, whiteness, transness and faith since 2012.

In 2012, they were featured on Canada Democracy Week’s website with their involvement in civic engagement and in 2013, they were featured as a Young Canadian Activist in Shameless Magazine. They were selected to be a NWT representative for the New Canada Conference in 2015, and were nominated in Samara’s Everyday Political Citizen Contest in 2016. Jacq has also served as a member of the Youth Advisory Group for the Canadian Commission for UNESCO since 2016.

Most notably having given presentations and spoken at the Canadian University Queer Services Conference and the New Canada Conference, Jacq uses their social work education alongside their use of blunt humour to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds.