“Fast forward to this week, where the Government of the Northwest Territories has made huge strides forward and become one of the only jurisdictions in Canada to allow for an “X” as the gender marker on identification documents. Also fast forward to this week when hundreds of Northerner’s seemed to mock and insult transgender and non-binary people on the internet in response to the news. I’m not going to lie to you, reading the comments on threads were exhausting for me. While talking to other friends in the North, it seems like it was exhausting for them too.”Read More →

Hey babe, so listen, I know that you really hate Valentine’s Day because it’s super heteronormative and really just perpetuates the capitalist idea that the only way men can prove to women they love them is through gifts and cards and chocolate, but I mean, I figure that we both have to eat anyways, right? And like, it’d be cool to see you either way, and not because it’s Valentine’s Day, but just because I like to see you, you know? My last partner really hated Valentine’s Day, and I mean, I get it, right? Like, Valentine’s Day generally just looks like two cis het people pickingRead More →

This essay contains spoilers to Jessica Jones. Like, season finale spoilers. So don’t read this until you’ve watched it all, or you don’t want to watch it. (That would be ridiculous though, because it’s a super good show.)  I’ve always felt a connection to television shows. They bring me back to my childhood home where my sister and I would stay awake until 2 in the morning, binge-watching Gilmore Girls. Television has always been a part of me. It helps me think, reflect and deconstruct things that seem to be happening in my life, but that I just can’t grasp unless they’re also happening to Rory GilmoreRead More →

Oddly enough, I tried to find some comments regarding Kravitz that I could parallel with the ones that women such as Janet Jackson or Anne Hathaway received when they had certain body parts flashed to the world, but I came up empty handed. Most people know that there’s some sort of double standard when it comes to how the media and our society treats men and women who make the same mistakes, but I’ve compiled some (fake) example tweets of what it would look like if Lenny Kravitz was shamed/harassed the same way that women had been in the past.Read More →

Tons of major corporations will most likely spend the next couple months shoving it down our throats that they ~~DOn’T hAte gAYssSS~~ so that they can make tons of money off of our rainbow dollars. Don’t be fooled, folks. What do these corporations and companies do outside of Pride season? It can be so easy to choose to buy a case of Corona because you saw they sponsored an event at Pride somewhere, but the things we need to notice lie far beyond how much corporations donate to Pride so they can remind us that they’ll take any money they can get.Read More →

there was a woman being used, quite literally, as an object this object was a scoreboard which was referred to as a “wh*reboard” we didn’t even see this woman’s face… she was a faceless object whose only visible body was a back and her ass women and non-binary folks immediately left the venue because it was really fucking uncomfortable men immediately left the venue because it was really fucking uncomfortable there were numerous women at the venue earlier that night who had performed poems touching on rape there were numerous women at the venue earlier that night who had performed poems touching on sexual assault there wereRead More →

Last year in my hometown, a woman posted on social media that she saw a man slip pills into another woman’s drink at a local bar. Pretty soon after she made a Facebook post, the bar itself “shared” her post on their own Facebook and issued a statement saying: “We urge caution by all patrons at all drinking establishments to report any suspicious persons to staff immediately. We cannot speak to the frequency of these events but even one is too many.” I was astounded. In a good way. Here was a bar that could have easily tried to shove this under the rug, claim it didn’t happen orRead More →

Let’s recognize how fucking revolutionary this might be for a lot of people out there. I mean, come on, we talk about the importance for young people and adults alike to be familiar with their bodies and be able to look and feel their vulvas and vaginas. But could you imagine the revolutionary act of loving ourselves so much that we want to SEE inside ourselves? And that we recognize that as something to find sensual and sexy rather than simply scientific?Read More →

Racist kids turn into racist adults. Sexist kids turn into sexist adults. Homophobic kids turn into homophobic adults. By not addressing the oppressive mindsets and attitudes of kids in schools by simplifying their behaviour as “bullying” means that we’re missing an opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of people when these kids grow up. Read More →

Because it can be extremely hard to talk about, people have a hard time finding ways that they’re comfortable with to do activism with regards to mental ability and health. I understand this. All of these complexities make it really tempting to jump on board with campaigns like Bell’s “Let’s Talk” (they donate 5 cents for every text message sent today to “mental health awareness and initiatives”. I mean, hell, I send hundreds of texts every day so it might as well do more than just sending funny memes and puns to friends I love. I experience mental health issues, and I’m one of these people who Bell’s “Let’s Talk” is supposedly supporting. If every text I send creates more funding for folks to access for mental health (including myself), I’m on board with that. I won’t complain.Read More →