This is a hectic weekend. My sister having a baby any day now, I have a full board meeting in town for the FJCF and I’m both helping coordinate and performing at NorthWords NWT. Honestly though? I couldn’t have it any other way. The festival has been incredible so far. Yesterday at lunch, I performed during the Poetic Voices lunch time event alongside Joanna Lilley, Garry Gottfriedson, David Malcolm and Anthony Foliot (a.k.a. The Snowking). It was so great. David performed pieces touching on his life in the North, Joanna read an amazing piece that touched the hearts of many Northerns about how hard it is to live so distancedRead More →

I am so excited to be involved with Northwords NWT again. Northwords is a kick-ass festival that brings authors from all over Canada to spend time together and share writing and literature with folks around the NWT. This year, I’m featured for the second year (!!!) as a local author. My name is even on a poster. Last year, I got to perform with the unbelievable Billeh Nickerson and had an extraordinary time. Since last year, I discovered that I couldn’t have enough! I’ve signed on now as the volunteer coordinator for Northwords NWT, so make sure you volunteer if you’re around Yellowknife. You’ll get to spend time withRead More →

Verses has been unbelievable so far! I have been able to see (almost) all of the incredible poets that I met last year and feel blessed to be in a space with other poets I had only heard of. (And watched YouTube videos of obsessively.)Read More →

A friend of mine passed away today. They were a wonderful poet, incredible musician, a beautiful androgynous soul and a unbelievable human being. Tim Henderson, you androgynous beauty, we are all sending you love.Read More →

I’m working on making some stickers to hand out and sell to folks who want to support my poetry! So far, I just have one, but I wanted to give people the chance to pick what stickers I’d make… take the poll below. To read the full versions of the poems, check out my list of poems here. [poll id=”1″]Read More →

Here’s some news! My second self-published anthology of poetry has been successfully printed, folded and stapled. Thanks to the Creative City Centre’s generous sponsorship of printing services, I can use all money raised from the sale of these chapbooks to help me get to the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam in Vancouver, BC during the end of April. If you’re interested in picking one up, you can purchase one at Cunning Linguists on Saturday, March 28th 2015 at the Creative City Centre or you can even purchase one at my online store (both digital and print)!Read More →

Cunning Linguists March 28th 2015 Creative City Centre – 1843 Hamilton Street, Regina SK Doors open at 7, show starts at 8 Facebook Event Page Our spoken word community has been rocked with hard times of sexual and misogynistic violence. I think it’s time that we celebrate the folks who try and make our community a safe, consensual, queer, hilarious and sexy place to be. Get ready to laugh, cry and maybe even get a little excited at Cunning Linguists. Come over to the CCC for an evening of consensual, queer, sexy, funny, erotic spoken word, music and art. The evening involves: – performance byRead More →

On November 12, 2014, the Anti-Oppression Committee received a grievance filed against Greg Frankson, a.k.a Ritallin pertaining to sexual assault and harassment. They held a meeting one week later on Nov 19th and brought their recommendations forward to SpoCan’s Board of Directors (henceforth identified as the BOD). On November 23, 2014, the BOD met to discuss these recommendations.   The BOD has unanimously voted that Greg Frankson receive a lifetime ban from all SpoCan-sanctioned events. These currently include: Verses Festival of Words, YouthCanSlam, and the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. Banning Greg Frankson from individual member series within Canada remains in the hands of theRead More →

I’m looking for friends/folks who would be interested in performing at an evening of “consensual, queer, sexy, funny, erotic spoken word, music and art” as a fundraiser for my trip to CIPS. This is a paid gig (to be negotiated), and I’m into everything from sexy poems, to erotic drawings, to showing short films, to music with political lyrics about patriarchal bullshit. It will be in Regina at the end of March. If you’re interested, contact me!Read More →