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Under the company name Brass Speaking & Consulting, Jacq Brasseur offers quality non-profit coordination services at a fraction of the price of most other contractors. With skills ranging from graphic/web design to administration to fundraising to youth outreach to workshop facilitation, Jacq is often referred to as a Jacq-of-all-trades because of their ability to accomplish the majority of tasks required to efficiently run a small non-profit organization in Yellowknife, NT.

About Jacq:

Born and raised in Yellowknife, NT, Jacq Brasseur completed high school at St. Patrick’s High School and attended Aurora College for their Certificate of Social Work program. After finishing a Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Regina, Jacq returned home to find themselves working in non-profit coordination and consulting with a variety of non-profits, most notably the United Way of the Northwest Territories.

Jacq has over 6 years experience working and co-founding non-profit societies in the Northwest Territories, stemming from their co-foundation of both NWT Pride and Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife, two LGBTQ+ organizations based in the Northwest Territories. Using the skills they learned while working with both of these organizations, Jacq has spoken and presented at numerous conferences and events around Canada about feminism, identity, queerness, faith and youth political engagement.

If you’re interested in contracting Jacq, you can contact them over email here.